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Land Transfer Tax Calculation

To calculate the amount of land transfer tax payable to the Minister of Finance on the purchase of your new home, follow the calculation set out below.

* Note that the following calculations are based on Ministry guidelines which are subject to change.

Please call for your specific land transfer tax calculation

LTT    = 0.5 % of the first $55,000. 
           + 1 % on the balance of the purchase price, up to $250,000
           + 1.5% on the balance of the purchase price.

For example:  

$150,000 = $1225
$200,000 = $1725
$250,000 = $2225
$300,000 = $2975
$350,000 = $3725


Title Insurance

Protect Yourself with Title Insurance

Title insurance guarantees your interest in title against many hidden risks and undisclosed interests that may not be uncovered by the investigative searches conducted by a lawyer. 

A title policy can also protect against claims resulting from encroachments of the structure onto neighbouring lands or municipal property.

Title insurance can eliminate the need for certain off-title searches, resulting in significant savings to you that often outweigh the cost of the already low title insurance premium.

The policy's guaranteed survey coverage on residential properties means that it is not necessary for you to incur the costs of ordering a new survey of the property, often a requirement of mortgage lenders.

For more information on title insurance visit the TitlePlus Web site at:

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